Polarized-Media Air Cleaner (P-MAC)

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Lyric T6 Pro Thermostat from Honeywell

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners use electronic polarized-media technology for maximum air cleaning capability. Active electronic, polarized-media air cleaners use a safe, 24 volt current to establish a polarized electric field.
P-MAC's capture the smallest submicron particles, in addition to airborne allergens, and some gases and odors. Polarized-Media Air Cleaners capture 97% of particles at .3 microns and continue trapping particles much smaller in size.

Polarized-Media Air Cleaners install into existing filter racks, without costly ductwork modifications, turning your home’s central heating & cooling system into a whole-house air cleaning system. And maintenance is a breeze. Each P-MAC uses a disposable replacement media pad which can be replaced in just minutes to keep your air cleaner running at peak efficiency.

Advantages of Polarized-Media Air Cleaners:

  • Removes mold’s food source
  • 97% capture rate at .3 microns
  • Removes respirable particulates (that are otherwise absorbed into our lungs and bloodstreams to trigger asthma & allergy attacks)
  • Traps some odors and gases (effective removing cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, odors and other contaminants)
  • Brush Seal prevents particle blow-by
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fast installation
  • Economical operation – low static pressure drop lets blower run efficiently
Easy Maintenance
  • No washing of components required
  • The disposable fiber media pads require only a few minutes to change
  • Media pads are generally changed every 3 to 4 months, depending on household conditions such as the presence of pets and/or smokers
Safe, Quiet, Dependable Operation
  • Does not produce ozone or arcing like other electronic air cleaners
  • Does not produce charged (ionized) particles that collect on clothes, walls and furnishings
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty when using only GENUINE replacement media and when serviced as part of a regularly scheduled service maintenance program