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  • Winter Energy Efficiency Tips for Your HVAC System

    With winter on the way, you could be eyeing your energy bills with trepidation. The freezing months often bring an uptick in electricity or natural gas costs, depending on what fuel source you use to heat your home and hot water. But don’t worry—with an appropriate approach, you can regulate... Continue reading

  • The Value of Annual Furnace Maintenance

    As the temperature falls and you find yourself reaching for the thermostat more often, you should also reach for your phone to set up annual furnace maintenance. Making sure your furnace runs optimally this winter enhances your comfort, safety and peace of mind all season long. Here’s a little... Continue reading

  • How to Get an Apprenticeship and Avoid Student Loan Debt

    Student loan debt in the United States has been a growing problem for many years. Today’s total student debt soars over $1.7 trillion, with the average college graduate owing $20,000 to $25,000. If you’re thinking about your academic journey or giving advice to someone who is, it’s crucial... Continue reading

  • If You’re in the Market for a New Furnace, Here’s Why You Should Be Looking at a Heat Pump

    When you’re ready to replace your old furnace, don’t presume that another furnace is the only option. This may be the preferred choice for most North American households, but heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular. Still, the question remains: Is a heat pump the right fit for everyone?... Continue reading

    Heat Pumps
  • Apprenticeship Programs Offer Short- and Long-Term Benefits

    The traditional path of going to college after high school doesn’t suit everyone. If you’re eager to start a career, particularly in a skilled trade like heating and air conditioning, you might be looking for alternatives that provide financial stability and professional growth. That’s... Continue reading

  • Types of Heat Pumps

    Are you searching for a new heat source for your residence? An energy-efficient heat pump could be just what you’re looking for. Most people know less about heat pumps than they do about furnaces or air conditioners, but new, energy-efficient models can split your heating costs in half. They... Continue reading

    Heat Pumps
  • Should I Insulate My Basement Ceiling and Walls?

    So, you have an unfinished basement. Maybe it’s the place where seasonal decorations and exercise equipment go to be forgotten. Or maybe your basement is an empty space you walk through quickly because it’s chilly in the winter and too humid in the summer. If you’ve been thinking about... Continue reading

    Ductwork and Insulation
  • Heat Pump Not Cooling? Here’s Why and How to Troubleshoot

    It can be quite annoying when your heat pump’s not cooling or will not switch into heating mode. Fortunately, there are things you can do to find the cause of the problem and maybe even take care of the issue on your own. While elaborate issues are best left to Experts like the crew at... Continue reading

    Heat Pumps
  • Why Your Furnace Has a Strange Smell

    As the weather cools down and you transition from cooling to heating your home, you may be worried about unusual furnace smells filling the air. Learn what the most common furnace smells mean and how proactive you should be about each one.  The Furnace Smells Musty  Musty furnace... Continue reading

  • 7 Common Causes of No Hot Water

    If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you just had a shockingly cold shower or turned on the faucet to find no hot water. It’s a frustrating scenario, but don’t panic. Learning the most common things that leave you with no hot water is the first step toward finding a solution. Here... Continue reading

  • What to Know About the New Federal Regulations for Energy Efficiency

    The Department of Energy (DOE) continuously enacts rules focused on reducing energy consumption and pollution in the United States. With the newest 2023 HVAC regulatory changes now in effect, you might wonder if the changes impact new AC units, energy efficiency and the need to replace your... Continue reading

    Alternative Energy
  • What Is a Blower Motor?

    When troubleshooting HVAC dilemmas, you might run across the term “blower motor” and wonder what that means. This crucial component serves as the lungs of your heating and cooling system. The blower motor powers the movement of heated and cooled air, so that your home stays comfortable... Continue reading