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  • How Routine Air Conditioning Service Can Reduce AC Repair Costs

    Air conditioning is crucial for lots of homes during the sweltering summer months in Winnipeg. However, the expenses associated with running an AC are substantial. Find out how scheduled air conditioning service can minimize AC repair costs, and take up energy-saving habits to help your unit run... Continue reading

  • Easy Ways to Detect Air Leaks in Your North America Home

    A leaky house is significantly less energy efficient than a correctly sealed one. Knowing how to find air leaks in your house, sealing those leaks and scheduling a home energy assessment when warranted can help you maintain a relaxing living environment and reduce your energy bills. Detecting... Continue reading

  • Indoor Allergy Relief

    Indoor allergies are a continual challenge for millions of people. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a crucial part of managing your allergies and being able to reside in a healthy, comfortable living environment. Here, you’ll find valuable information on how to improve IAQ for indoor allergy... Continue reading

    Indoor Air Quality
  • How Do I Choose the Right AC Repair Company in North America?

    When your air conditioner breaks down on a steamy summer afternoon, you need fast repair services that you can count on. But with so many companies claiming to offer the very best AC repair services in North America, how do you know which is the right choice for your home? Follow these 10... Continue reading

  • Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

    Unblocking a plugged drain can be unpleasant work, so many homeowners resort to chemical drain cleaners to wash away the gunk. Bottles of these products are often found in cleaning cabinets, but are they completely safe? Dive into the world of chemical drain cleaners, see how they actually clear... Continue reading

    Drain Cleaning
  • How Often Do I Need Air Conditioner Service in Calgary?

    Imagine it’s a scorching hot summer day, and your air conditioning quits out of the blue. You call around for emergency AC repair, but the temperature keeps climbing while you wait for a technician to arrive. What a nightmare! Routine air conditioner maintenance is the key to preventing this... Continue reading

  • What Are the Advantages of a Heat Pump Water Heater?

    Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, are a revolutionary and eco-friendly solution that might be well suited for your household’s hot water needs. Dig into the inner workings of these fascinating devices and explore their pros and cons to help you decide if a heat pump... Continue reading

    Heat Pumps
  • AC Filters for People with Allergies

    Many people suffer from allergies, and indoor air quality (IAQ) either makes it easier or more challenging to deal with the unpleasant symptoms. If your goal is to improve IAQ and limit the presence of allergens in your home, selecting the correct AC filter is imperative. Learn which air filter... Continue reading

    Indoor Air Quality
  • 7 Tips for a More Earth-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Home

    With the celebration of Earth Day a few weeks ago and spring cleaning on the minds of countless homeowners, it’s the perfect time to make homes more earth-friendly and energy efficient. The fact is, with only a few small, inexpensive changes, homeowners could be on their way to saving 20% or... Continue reading

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  • Why Does My Air Conditioner Sound Like Running Water?

    Air conditioners are complex systems that rely on several parts, including a compressor, evaporator coil, condenser coil and refrigerant to regulate your home’s temperature and humidity level. While these machines are usually sturdy and reliable, it’s not unheard of for AC units to make... Continue reading

  • What Can Animal Hair Do to My AC Filter?

    A family pet is part of millions of families. You probably consider your dog or cat a beloved family member and want to have them around for many years--> How Do AC Air Filters Work, and Why Are They Important?  A filter is an important part of any forced-air HVAC system. It captures... Continue reading

  • 13 Air Conditioning Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

    You may very well not think twice about turning up the air conditioning when it’s hot outside—until you see your electric bill. Air conditioning accounts for about 12% of the everyday U.S. home’s annual energy costs and up to 70% of your utility costs during the summer. If you’re sick of... Continue reading